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EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT DSA VOTE : a big step backwards

The entire European creative and innovation sector, intellectual and industrial property and associations that campaign in Europe for the safety of users when shopping online are disappointed by the vote on the Digital Service Act (DSA) last night in the European Parliament.

VOTE DU DSA AU PARLEMENT EUROPEEN : Un grand pas en arrière.

Déception de tout le secteur créatif et de l’innovation, de la propriété intellectuelle et industrielle françaises et européennes et des associations qui militent en Europe pour la sécurité des utilisateurs lors de leurs achats en ligne, suite au vote sur le Digital Service Act (DSA) hier soir au Parlement européen.

Important Comments issues by the Respect Zone NGO regarding the need to delete art 14 (3a) of current draft of the DSA under your scrutiny

The unintended consequences of this amendment could have significant impact on Europeans, raing the value of their content from illegal sharing.

Positions of IDFRIghts on the amendments to articles 14(3)(a) and 14§6 of the DSA, in view of the upcoming plenary vote in the European Parliament

After a disappointing vote on the Digital Services Act (DSA) in IMCO committee, all eyes are now on the plenary vote, a crucial stage for the whole European digital economy, from creative sectors to trade industries.